The King Of Email Mobile Apps Is…Outlook

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If you ever thought about getting your email account organized, you may want to take a new look at your Outlook email and Hotmail email again. Outlook and Hotmail are under the same parent company Microsoft and when you use your Outlook sign in, you’ll find that your Hotmail sign in works the same. The benefit to having Outlook email and Hotmail email are that you can use them right from your computer so if you’re working offline and you’re prepping an email message, when you go into Outlook email, once you log and go online, your emails instantly forward. There are other great advantages to having a Hotmail account and using your Hotmail sign in and if you have an older account, it would be under Hotmail and the newer emails are under Outlook email. When you’re ready to use your Outlook sign in, look for these key features to help you to navigate your email account and different features that can help you with Outlook.

Outlook email for meeting help
If you use your Outlook email, it can actually help you to prepare for meetings because whether you’re in the newer version of Outlook email, an older Outlook email version, or Hotmail, you can use your Outlook sign in and also your Hotmail sign in to help you to get access to the Outlook features you need. Once you’re in your Outlook account, if someone sends an email to you and they are including a meeting invite, you can accept it and if your phone has been set up to work with your email through your Outlook account, it instantly updates to your phone. That way if someone is sending you meeting details, you’ll be able to access the information right away and you don’t have to worry about running back to your computer to write down the information.

Another advantage as it relates to meeting setups, is if someone wanted to send an attachment to you for a meeting so that way you have the presentation materials, for example, you can go into your Outlook email, and when you open the email you’ll see the presentation materials there but if you’re in Outlook email or Hotmail, you will be able to access the same information even if you’re on your smartphone or tablet. This is a great advantage especially if you leave home and you forget your presentation. All you have to do is go into Outlook sign in or your Hotmail sign in and when you get into your account, you can see the PDF or the attachment however they sent it, and that way you can view your materials before the meeting.

Outlook and Hotmail for emailing calendar details
Another great feature with using Outlook email and Hotmail is they can work with your email messages and help you to manage your calendar and your time. With your Outlook sign in and your Hotmail sign in, you can log in anytime and if you want to set reminders on your calendar such as the time that the car is going to pick you up to take you to the airport, you can use your Outlook email or Hotmail and set the reminder on your Outlook account and it will send a reminder to your phone or tablet device as long as it’s hooked up and that way you’ll get the alerts as soon as they pop up. Just make sure that you select the option for sound, and you also change the reminder from an all-day reminder to an alert reminder and you put in the appropriate time frame. That way if its 15 minutes before a meeting that you need a reminder, or if it’s 3 hours before you want to go to the airport that you need a reminder to leave the office, you’ll get the alert to pop up and the alarm will go off at the right time.

Because Outlook in Hotmail are working together to help you to manage your calendar more efficiently, when you go into Outlook email and Hotmail, you can find that your email will work in conjunction with Hotmail, and it’s going to help you with calendar entrees, with meetings and reminders, and even different types of email attachments that you receive. Use your Outlook sign in or your Hotmail sign in to help to link your account especially if you have a smartphone or tablet that you travel with so everything is in one system. Outlook email and Hotmail continue to make more advances to help people stay connected and organized for the different types of meetings and other priorities that they need to be reminded about. Use your Outlook sign in and or your Hotmail sign in today and that way you can check out these key email features that you may need the next time you get an email about a new meeting or if you have to send an email with the material to clients. This will help you to stay organized and you can have Outlook email and Hotmail help you!