Tax Software Research


Tax labs
Tax lab is an accounting firm where an extensive research on tax software is done and performed. Tax lab specializes in micro businesses and of certified accountants. It emphasizes on customers satisfaction with the best products recommended by the tax experts and professionals. The services provided by individuals, companies, trusts and the self-managed businesses in the tax lab include; bookkeeping, accounting and about the tax and taxation policy. The ideas and opinions are highly valued because we need and believe we can form a strong relationship with the clients.

Significance of the Tax Labs
Tax lab is different from other accounting firms because there is teamwork. The issues, concerns, and questions are promptly addressed, and you are being updated about the services provided so that we understand how your business works. With the availability of tax research software, the experts can easily get the answers to their information and tax questions through searching the software. When they find their responses through the software, they can get information about tax regulations, practices areas and the tax law. There are changes made to technology and tax law regulations, you then interact with the clients and the accounting experts in helping you know and learn more about the technology and tax law rules and regulations. Each year, Tax labs and other tax advisors team up to launch surveys on AICPA members to evaluate tax preparation software from the concluded tax seasons. The tax questions among clients exist both during times i.e. off seasons and busy seasons. It is effective because you can view it online wherever you are.

Methodology of conducting the research
Tax labs conduct an extensive survey of client comments and reviews based on product’s reception on the market and use data on various packages assess product weakness and strength. It can be administered by email or reliable media platforms designed to give the ultimate result of performance of how right the user’s expectation are met. Via email, respondents provide their experiences with the various tax preparation software and their interaction ability with the users. This data is compiled and analyzed by expert in the Tax labs offering the best unbiased information regarding Tax preparation software.

Exhibits of the research
In most cases, the exhibits will give a detailed report of about 10 of the 15 software products considered in the survey. The exhibits includes Drake, GoSystem, ProSeries, Lacerte(Intuit), Prosystem(CCH), TaxAct, TaxWise(CCH), TurboTax(Intuit), TaxWorks, and the list continues. Products that fail to receive at least 100 responses are not rated. It is only a percentage of less than 16 percent or less, of the CPAs who are reluctant to respond to the surveys, but the larger percentage understands how the survey is useful to the end-user.

Professionalism of the research
Conducting a non-biased survey, such as this, involves a lot of trust and soberness so as to deliver quality and detailed tailor-made information about tax preparation software products. Tax labs have put in place the best team of professional researchers for this kind of an important and delicate survey ensuring maximum fair-game in the product’s competition arena. All the specialists of Tax Labs are required to have some very basic qualification before working with us. The least of these includes Federal Tax Law substantive knowledge, Basic accounting principles and proven ability to audit tax records and analyze tax preparation software. To say the least, the Tax labs’ staffs have what it takes to evaluate and efficiently analyze any software system and recommend the most efficient to the oblivious end-users.

Final Word
Even with the many free and low-cost tax preparation choices being significant for many people, others may be landing on less useful tax software products for lack of information. It can turn out to be very frustrating if you commit your tax returns in the less appropriate preparation software and in the end discover that it was done with a lot of errors that could have been omitted. Here comes the work of the Tax labs that give you the most updated information about the Tax preparation software products. Being in the know about tax preparation and being prompt about it is worth it – or, even worse, risk being audited.