Information about Tax Act Software


The Evolvement of Tax Act
The reality is; there is no government that can survive without collecting revenue from its loyal citizens. Tax collection is the backbone of every successful government, and it should be done with a lot of soberness on both the side of the taxpayer and the tax collector. In the past, Americans had their tax preparation done through a software by Parson Technology called Personal Tax Edge. Tax preparation back then was a fuss. It did not take long until a software called the Second Story was founded from the Personal Tax Edge after Intuit bought the Parson Technology. The recent developments in the technology have had its share on tax preparations platforms. Today, Tax preparation has become of age in America and Tax Act is on the lead making a kill.

TaxAct Software
Available for almost all devices you may be using to access online services, TaxACT software has several free products to use on your tablet app or even a laptop. These include Federal Deluxe, Free Edition (Federal) and Deluxe plus State (Ultimate Bundles). Tax Act also comes in versions of software offering Deluxe, Free Edition, Home & Business, and Ultimate Bundle. On your Smartphone, you may file simple state and federal returns through an app called Tax Act Express. TaxAct also offers a suite of state and Federal solutions for professional preparers and medium businesses. Early 2014, an introduction of Form 1041 by Tax Act created a room for return preparation for Estates and Trusts and a relief for professionals and consumers on E-filling.

The Significance of TaxAct Software
Through a partnership between private companies, owning some tax software, and IRS, a development of a program for filling tax electronically and preparing tax for the federal (free) was formed and named Free File Alliance. Tax ACT became a member and improved on its interaction with the consumers. Currently, the best user program with most features for tax preparation is the TaxAct with an interactive program, question-and-answer interface, which allows users to access needful contents efficiently. This range from data importing utility, Tax return analyzer, and error checking feature. There is a feature that allows the TaxAct to give a precise estimate of the tax returns for the year ahead. This calculator has earned Tax Act a lot of credit when it comes to planning for the next year from all the stakeholders.

TaxAct User-friendly Interface
Tax Act has an interactive question-answer format of gathering data. Users can opt to follow a step-by-step guidance on the screen or take the Quick Entry format to enter data using Form W-2. With on-screen features colored in harmonious colors and large buttons and tabs, tax act becomes more user-friendly and rarely can anyone miss on the right key while inputting data. It becomes more interesting and exciting to explore and read. This is owing to its wonderful colors and the sizes of its fonts.

Ease of Navigation on TaxAct File
Navigation from one part of the program to the other has never been this easy. Tax Act has high-level navigation tabs for Life Events, State Q&A, Federal Q&A, Filing, Review and Next Year on necessary information. The other level of navigation allows you to skip direct to Forms and Topics and other sections of the Tax Act software. You may leave a page and bookmark it for future reference. When entering data related to investments sales, a question-answer format is provided or a stock assistant spreadsheet for ease of accessibility. You may also attach Form 8949 statement summarizing the transaction. A review is always performed on Schedule C meant to help the user to confirm the details and take care of any overlooked information ascertaining error-free business expenses and income data entry. TaxAct also enables a preview of Form 1040 in the format of a PDF file.

TaxAct File Review
According to various customers’ reviews, everyone who uses TaxAct for the first time always comes back due to the convenience and simplicity provided by the app. TaxAct online software helps you swiftly, correctly and affordably file your federal returns, and mostly free. E-filing online is an approved method of filing returns and the government’s preferred way of tax collection. It is the most accurate and convenient way as opposed to CPA or professional services (tax) and other traditional ways. Compared to other e-file services, TaxAct ranks high in terms of affordability and other essential features covering most popular tax situations. When it comes to accuracy, TaxAct is the best with an application that will check all errors, and you may choose to make use of the audit support provided.

Bottom Line
Your tax preparation does not have to a fuss and time-consuming task. The TaxAct tutor guides you every step of the way and keeps you updated at every click of the mouse. It may happen that you are not certain if you qualify for a dependent claim, worry not. A question-answer quiz will take you through and by the time you’re done, you will confidently decide whether to make a claim or not. You can import data from W-2 Management, Stock Data from TD Ameritrade, Form 8949, Sharebuilder, and Gainskeeper. Planning the future scenarios of your tax preparation becomes more predictable with the Tax calculator giving three ‘what-if’ options of comparison. With several other splendid features, TaxAct stands the best online e-filling both for individuals and businesses.