Information about Social Media


Are you thinking about signing up for a Facebook account? Before you do, there are quite a few things that you should know about If you have a Facebook account, make sure that you set your pictures to “private” or else you may find that your Facebook account can get you into a lot of trouble. One of the things that people are finding is that when they set up their account, they may have a Facebook login and they’re quick to post pictures and like their favorite pages, but they never actually go in and set the privacy feature. What happens is if your Facebook account isn’t set to private, you will actually have public pictures that anyone can see so use your Facebook login and change this right away or anyone can see your kids pictures, or that long weekend at the beach when you called out sick. That’s right; anyone who’s on your Facebook account can view your images. That means that your employer can see your information as well.

Why you need to change privacy settings on your Facebook account
Maybe your boss or your human resources manager was really nice to you when you first got your new job and they liked your Facebook account. That means they can now access your Facebook account because despite having a Facebook login that’s private, your Facebook account settings are public and when you share your information with others or like them as a friend, they can actually see your whereabouts, and track where you’ve been based on your pictures.

Don’t use your account to post about your boss or job
Thinking about posting something negative about your boss online? You may not want to do that if you have a account because it can get you fired. It can also possibly get your arrested if you leak company information or make threats online. Posting about your company or any employee can possibly even get you fired if you post information about your company because they can use that information against you in court.

For example, maybe you had a disagreement with your boss and they fired you and then you went on to tell all of your friends about it, but you didn’t realize that your employer is still connected to your Facebook account. What can happen is they can still see your Facebook information and anything that you post or say against the company. Yup, your Facebook log in can get you into a lot of trouble. But that’s just one side of Facebook. You ca also find that it’s a great way to share, connect and make new friends! Just be careful.

Setting up your Facebook login
When you get ready to set up your Facebook account, go to and you can set up your user ID and password information. Then you can add pictures and different types of videos, snippets, etc. Next, you can actually invite friends and family to like your page while you like the different pages that they have while you’re online. You can also find that when you go on to Facebook you may want to set your postings to private to protect your videos and your pictures. That way when you share them with friends and family, no one else can access the information.

Go to for a new account
If you’re applying for a position or a new job or if you’re working at a new school, you may want to be careful with whom you have in your Facebook contacts to make sure that you don’t get into trouble down the road. Even if you set your privacy settings to private
just make sure that your co-workers don’t have your managers on their Facebook pages or else they may have access to your account through their Facebook connection information that you’re unaware of. For example there was a story in the news about an employer who actually went in she went to the Facebook page of one of her staff members. She was able to see the girl on Facebook posting negatively about the company and she was subsequently fired.

In another story, an HR manager was able to use the Facebook login for her own account and she was able to access the Facebook account of one of her employees. Not only did she find the girl’s page, but she saw pictures of the girl and her boyfriend half naked at the beach, and she was able to confirm that the girl wasn’t sick and at home, but was at the beach. The girl got into a lot of trouble because of the pictures that were there in her Facebook account. When you post pictures about the long weekend that you had, just be careful with who can view it so you don’t get yourself into trouble. Your Facebook account is easy to set up so you can use your Facebook login settings to protect your images. Just go to for any changes that you need to make. is a great way to exchange pictures and videos but remember your Facebook account should be kept private so if you have any questions you can also use your Facebook login and go to your Facebook account for help with your pictures.