Credit Karma Credit Report Company


Whether you’re thinking about buying a new house or a new car, you definitely want to rebuild your credit so that you can afford to have better interest rates on your credit cards and a better credit rating. That’s why you want to make sure you check out Credit Karma. Credit Karma is an informative website that helps to do some of the hard work for you. The way that this company is set up, it helps to ensure that they are able to help you view and monitor your credit report, build up your credit so that you can purchase the things that you want, view offers for credit cards to help you repair your credit, and see information on how to make consistent payments and pay down debt.

The website is there to help you instantly view your credit and focus on areas where Credit Karma can actually help you apply for credit cards right away!

Using credit Karma to clean up your credit report

Chances are when you were in college, you didn’t know about and you used your cards and maxed them all out! We all did in college! With your first credit card, you probably went shopping all the time. Credit Karma is a company that can help to get you back on track. They understand that first time shoppers tend to overspend and that’s why they set up their website to help you to get your credit report and understand how to fix errors that you find.
When you go to Credit Karma, you’re going to put in your social security number and other details about yourself. Next, you will view your credit report and you’ll be able to understand where you stand in terms of credit that you can receive. Credit Karma works to ensure that available credit card offers can come to you based on your score and also teach you how to raise your score for better interest rates! Use the website, and that way when you log in, you’ll be able to check your credit whenever you need to.

Areas where credit, can help you fix your credit report now:

When you find your credit score through Credit Karma, make sure that you look for specific things like items that are older than 7 years. These can come off your report right away as long as they’re not student loans. Credit Karma can also help you because it can ensure that you fix errors that might not be yours. Maybe someone tried to use your credit, or they falsified information and used your social security number.
When you go to, you will be able to type in your social security number and anything that you don’t recognize as being yours, can be taken off of your report. The process takes about a month for it to actually come off of your report and for your report to be updated again, but Credit Karma works fast to make sure that it gets it right. offers


Depending on your credit score, when you first sign up with Credit Karma, you might find that if you have a low credit rating, like something that’s in the 400 or 500 range, your offers might have limited amounts on them. will send offers to you that may have $250 credit limits. You may also see offers for secure credit cards where you can pay $29 or $49 and deposit $100 to load and use the card.

Consider applying for one of these cards and using it because that way you can start to build your credit back up. That’s the benefit to having Credit Karma because they could help you establish your credit.
This will take 6 months to a year, so keep making payments and only take out what you need on your credit card. Ideally at Credit Karma, you want to only make purchases like $10 or $20 a month that you can definitely afford and make sure you pay those bills on time. will then start to send you more offers and your offers will be for more cards that have higher limits.

You may find that you can then apply for cards like a Chase card, or even Capital One cards that come in different types. As Credit Karma helps you to get your credit score up to the 500 range or into the 600 range, continue to make regular payments, and make sure you check in with periodically for better offers.
When you see an offer from that has a higher credit limit, or if you start to see a lot of multiple offers come in, this is a great indication that your credit score is going up thanks to Credit Karma!